Tarot Reading: Shuffling and Asking a Question

Tarot Reading: Shuffling and Asking a Question
How to Shuffle the Cards and Ask a Question In a Tarot Reading

Doing your first tarot reading for another person can often be an intimidating experience. It's not uncommon for many beginning tarot readers to lack self-confidence and certainty in their own ability to properly read tarot cards. This doubt can result in the tarot reader not trusting their own process which almost always diminishes the overall strength and accuracy of a reading. There are, however, a few rules you should always to try to follow that can both strengthen your sense of confidence in the process and lead to a better overall reading. Some of the most important elements to any successful tarot reading are knowing how to properly handle the tarot cards and maintaining control over how the person who is receiving the reading poses their questions.

Prior to shuffling the cards in a tarot reading, you want to identify a court card that you feel associates to the person for whom you are reading. There are a few different methods you can use to accomplish this. The first is to use their age and characteristics. The second approach is to use their personality traits. Or, third, you can use their astrological sign. Whichever method you decide to use be sure to select the court card that is a good representation of what feels the most relevant to you. Alternatively, you can also let the person choose their own card. This method can work well in some instances because it gives the querent the opportunity to use their own intuition to identify the most appropriate card to represent themselves.

How you choose to shuffle the deck is a personal choice. Most tarot readers prefer to have the querent shuffle the cards while others prefer to do the shuffling themselves. Either way, it’s very important to have the person who is receiving the tarot reading handle the tarot deck in some manner so that the cards can absorb their energy.

Next, most tarot readers like to cut the deck prior to laying the cards out into a tarot spread. The traditional approach includes having the person that is being read for cut the deck three times with their left hand. When they complete this, the reader then picks up the deck and pulls the cards from the top with their left hand. Although some consider this an important element to the ritual of tarot reading, it is not necessary. It is always best to choose the approach that feels the most comfortable to you. 

Finally, knowing how to properly ask a tarot question during a reading is equally as important. As they are handling the cards, the querent should also ask their question either silently or out loud until the point that they feel as though their intentions have been acknowledged. To ask a question out loud is perfectly acceptable, however, be aware that this can sometimes limit the tarot reader’s ability to objectively perceive everything that a particular reading may be relaying. A more effective method is to have the querent initially ask their question in silence and then later again out loud during the reading. This ensures that you as the tarot reader first have an opportunity to address the key concerns or issues objectively, but also at greater depth when it is posed out load again.

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