Money & The Major Arcana

Money & The Major Arcana
Tarot Card Reading and Money: Major Arcana Meanings

With the ever increasing concerns over today’s financial situation, Tarot reading can serve as a great guide to understanding your relationship to money. It can also reflect your current financial position and how money is influencing your well being. Although there are a number of books that reference traditional tarot card meanings, very few go into detail about Tarot card meanings that pertain to one’s finances.

There are also a number of tarot spreads that relate to financial Tarot readings. tarot reading can be a powerful tool for discovering one’s financial issues and position. Depending upon the Tarot spread, you can often discover the following:



  1. Your core beliefs about money
  2. Your current financial situation and what is influencing it.
  3. Your spiritual relationship to money and the important lessons that need to be learned.
  4. Actions that may need to be taken in order to improve your financial situation.
  5. The past influences that have affected your current financial situation.
  6. Your current financial situation and hidden influences that may be affecting it.

In itself, learning Tarot reading is a daunting process. Grasping the most basic Tarot card meanings can often take a great deal of time and energy. Learning how to apply Tarot readings to financial matters only adds to these efforts. What is important to remember is that every card in the Tarot deck can be associated with issues surrounding one’s finances. The most powerful of these cards, are the Major Arcana.

Although many people who are trained in Tarot readings associate the Suit of Pentacles with money and finance, the Major Arcana also has significant financial references. Learning these associations is yet another level to the rich and meaningful guidance Tarot readings offer. Below, are simple keywords that reflect the Major Arcana’s associations to money.

The Fool

•    Taking financial risks
•    Getting creative and dynamic
•    New financial opportunities
•    Enthusiasm and positive attitude

The Magician
•    Using your skills to make things happen
•    Self-promotion and marketing
•    Getting into action
•    Using what you have to generate more income

The High Priestess
•    Using your intuition to make financial choices
•    The need to listen and learn
•    The need to wait and see before action is taken
•    The need for financial analysis

The Empress
•    Productivity
•    Abundance and financial prosperity
•    Developing new projects
•    A period of financial growth

The Emperor
•    The need to be a leader
•    Being directive
•    The need for re-organization
•    Delegation of responsibilities

The Hierophant
•    Following the rules
•    Setting new standards
•    Working on marketing materials
•    Improved administrative efforts

The Lovers
•    New partnerships or alliances
•    Team work and group effort
•    Networking
•    Important affiliations

The Chariot
•    Triumph over financial challenges
•    Setting your mind to something and following through
•    Rising to the occasion
•    Persistence and tenacity (don’t lose hope)

•    Examining the future for important trends or shifts
•    Taking control of your finances or important projects
•    Remaining diplomatic in the work place
•     Identifying your financial vulnerabilities

•    Stepping back to refocus your energy
•    Becoming more independent with your finances
•    Self-employment
•    Searching for new inspiration

Wheel of Fortune
•    The flow of money
•    Important financial cycles
•    A bumpy financial road
•    Financial planning

•    Equality in the work place
•    The need to take financial responsibility
•    Using logic and reason to make important financial decisions
•    Getting clear about your financial position

The Hanged Man
•    Financial sacrifices
•    The need for reflection
•    Getting unconventional
•    A financial trial

•    Leaving a job and starting a new one
•    The end of a financial cycle
•    Letting go of old ideas about money
•    Financial transitions

•    Balancing your finances
•    Negotiations
•    Taking the time to understand your current financial position
•    Combining your financial resources

The Devil
•    Greediness
•    Failing to miss important financial realities
•    Materialism
•    Unhealthy business relationships

The Tower
•    The need to change your ideas about money
•    Starting all over again
•    Financial rearrangements
•    Revising a project or financial situation

The Star
•    Following your dreams
•    Going for it
•    Setting high standards
•    Setting new goals

The Moon
•    Listening to your intuition
•    The need to be conscious of those your work with
•    Financial uncertainty
•    Not letting your fears influence important financial decisions

The Sun
•    Success and fulfillment
•    Financial rewards
•    Career achievements
•    Following your heart

•    Taking decisive actions
•    Reviewing the consequences of your financial actions
•    Facing reality
•    New opportunities or career directions

The World
•    Reaping the rewards from hard work
•    Completion of important projects or endeavors
•    New beginnings
•    A period of growth or expansion

© 2010 All Rights Reserved. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used with his permission. They are for example purposes only.


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