The Art of Being Present

The Art of Being Present
Tarot Reading And The Art of Being Present

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” Henry David Thoreau.  This quote by Henry David Thoreau personifies the meaning of being present. Many of us choose to live our lives caught up in the future or the past.  Our thoughts and feelings are consumed by what has been and what will be.  By not living in the moment or being present we can feel lost and unable to experience what is really happening in the moment. The losses are significant in the sense that the past are memories and serves for reflection only. The future is not here yet.

If we do not seek to be present, we pass by what is only available in a particular place in time.  Being present is part of your spiritual journey.  If you are always thinking of something in the past or what will be, or wanting to be elsewhere, it is time to be present.  It is through the act of being present in the moment that you will find new meaning to your life, followed by contentment. More importantly, by being present you can tap into your intuition. The art of being present truly aids one in psychic development. To be an effective Tarot reader, being present is a necessity.

You may think you are present. You are an active participant in the moment, whatever that may be; a task at work, a conversation with a friend, a family crisis, any situation where your feelings are brought to the surface.  Being present is much more than being active in a situation.  A much greater self-awareness exists that transports your whole being to the moment, all parts of yourself. One way to think of it is like this: most of the time our mind sets us outside of a moment with our thoughts.  We are not truly in the moment or completely participating.  In the act of being present your level of consciousness allows for totality of participation and you become really open to opportunities as they present themselves.  An opportunity in a moment will not be there when that moment has passed.

In Tarot readings or psychic readings, a gifted reader understands this moment. This is a moment where there is a pause. Judgments cease to influence the message. Instead, there is a steady flow to from the inner part of one’s being. This is the source from which truth emerges.

Richness and depth will come to your life if you are present. Being present is when the most remarkable aspects of life surface; connectivity, inspiration, creativity and sense of soul. The spiritual practice of being present, being here now, inspires you to receive each day with its moments and opportunities, which will never present to you in the same way again. When you are in this state, your ability to interpret the Tarot will take little effort. Tarot reading will seem as though it is second nature. Your ability to tune into its imagery will be far more accessible. Your psychic intuition will flourish.

To be present you must experience what is happening inside as well as outside.  In this level of consciousness you will experience the richness of who you are. It is a tremendous learning experience.  If you can learn to be present you will no longer be scratching the surface of life, you will delve in to each moment.  By abandoning outside thoughts of the past or the future elicited by a moment, you take the first step to being present.  This allows you to focus on everything happening in the moment.  Being present is an ability you can learn and strive for.  As you let go of your thoughts and focus on the moment, you will experience the total and be available to all sensations. This is the source of psychic ability. Trust that what you are experiencing is part of the psychic process.

Meditations on the Tarot cards that are done on a regular basis are valuable in learning to be present. Meditation creates the path to self-awareness and removes you from your ego, which you can apply to being present.  In your awakened consciousness of being present you will discover greater meaning in your life.

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