Tarot Reading and the Pages

The Meaning Behind the Pages in a Tarot Reading

When doing a tarot readings the Page cards are the ones that bring the enthusiasm and freshness to the situation. They are supportive but also need a firmer and more experienced person to direct them. In a tarot reading, the appearance of tarot Pages generally means that there is someone that needs help, guidance or will provide support and play a key role in the situations development.

A Page's chronological age is dependent on the situation. How young they are is relative to the surroundings. They inspire newness and excitement, maybe a nervousness that comes with having a new experience. It is not unusual that they may be just getting used to a situation and not know exactly were they fit in. They could still be deciding if they are even on the right track. There are times when they are unsure of themselves, but instead of admitting this fact, they will become resistant and not exhibit their usual energy.

A Page tarot card has a limited amount of influence and they aren't particularly powerful. They don't have much experience so cannot give out sage advice. They don't like to mess up the goings on. So there isn't much chance of them doing anything to upset the querent. In some cases they may actually go to the querent for advice or support with a problem. Be they will be grateful for what ever it is that you do for them. And there will always be loyalty coming from the Page. They are good to have around, even if their use is not known yet. Sometimes their role in things are more important than it originally seems.

Pages all tend to be curious, yet skeptical. They can be brave and still be fearful. Even as novices they want to be a part of something bigger. They turn to the querent to get what they want of need. The Page will repay them in spades with loyalty,enthusiasm and new perspective.


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