Tarot Reading and The Number Zero

Tarot Reading and The Number Zero
Tarot Reading, The Fool Tarot Card and the Number Zero

In Tarot the number zero is associated to only one card: the Fool Tarot Card. The Fool is the often considered to be the first card of the Major Arcana. However this is not necessarily the case. Numerically he can appear at the beginning of the Major Arcana or he can appear at the end. However, he can also appear in any major life transitions. The fact that he is numberless serves an important purpose. He can appear at any point in one's journey. The number zero and its association to the Fool Tarot card serves an important function in Tarot reading, it is there to remind us that life is truly boundless and new opportunities await us at every stage of life.

In terms of mathematics, the number zero is nothing more than a symbol. In truth, the number zero symbolically represents the absence of numerical value. It is not a true number. It is a representation of nothingness and, at the same time, it can represent everything. In Tarot reading, the number zero highlights potential in its purist form as it is often associated to the source of creation, conception and new beginnings.

What’s important to keep in mind when doing a Tarot reading is that the number zero signifies utter and total freedom. Its association to the Fool Tarot Card denotes freedom of thought, action and choice. The Fool Tarot card is the card of free will. He is there to remind us to follow our own path, one that is closest to our heart.

The number zero also symbolically represents the unknown or what the Taoists referred to as “The Void”. In Tarot reading, the Fool often represents a journey into the unfamiliar. He is a representation of our own journeys as we develop through our various levels of consciousness and maturation. With every stage comes a new journey into the unknown and the Fool reminds us to never dismiss the childlike parts of ourselves.

The Fool's inexperience is not necessarily a sign of weakness or a vulnerability. It is an asset as it keeps the world alive, exciting and fresh. Exploring the unknown does not have to be filled with anxiety or trepidation. Rather, it can be perceived as an invitation for new experiences and opportunities.

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