Tarot Reading and The Cup Court Cards

Understanding the Cup Court Cards in a Tarot Reading

The cups suit represents the element of water. The tarot card meanings of the cup court cards address an emotional state of consciousness which is linked to relationships, connections, love and other feelings. Cups signify emotional outpouring, expressions of feeling, and the part emotions play in your relationships with other people. Cup court cards indicate that you are guided by emotion, as opposed to reason, and this reflects your instinctive reactions and habitual responses to different circumstances. Also, cups are associated with romance, creativity, imagination and fantasy.

The less desirable features of the cups suit tarot card meanings (that is, whenever the cup court cards are reversed) include becoming too emotional, or entirely indifferent and clinical, having unreasonable expectations and postulating about what might be. There could be repressed feelings, a lack of imagination or an inability to articulate yourself clearly.

The Page of Cups

Which represents dreamers, people who philosophize and rarely pay attention. This makes it hard for them to concentrate on housework or other tasks.

These people have got an excellent imagination, artistic talent and a penchant for telling stories. This is both endearing and problematic, because they might allow their imagination to get carried away. They probably believe that there are pixies in their garden and might not be taken too seriously as adults.

The Knight of Cups

These are knights in the traditional sense, the knights of affection, the "emo" teens: moody, sensitive, dreamy, "complex". They play music, spend lengthy hours on their own in their bedroom with the blinds down, they write poetry that is dark and meaningful. They will be profound and romantic lovers,  and think that their love is the truest and most spiritual and intense love ever.

The Queen of Cups

Frequently a counselor, clairvoyant or healer, this woman appears to be aware of what is wrong, even prior to you saying anything. Think of her as an emotional repair woman, or the perfect mother, but she does seem to have precisely the correct solution to any problem relating to friends, family or relationships.

King of Cups

These kings understand feelings and are masters of their own feelings. Consequently, their ambition is to create a kingdom in which everyone achieves emotional maturity, in both a civil and a courtly sense. Thus, they motivate their friends, community and family to be more polite and neighborly, and to be accountable for the well being of other people. Often, these kings are regarded as judges, because they are extremely sensitive to justice and know how to see things from the perspective of someone else, and understand why they decided to take the course of action they took.


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