Tarot Reading and Numbers

The Power of Numbers in Tarot Reading

It is simple to overlook the connection between tarot reading and numbers. Tarot cards are full of symbols and hidden meanings, and sometimes the numbers in tarot readings can be overlooked or thought of as an organizational tool. In reality, these numbers have secrets and hold mysteries themselves that are waiting to be discovered.

In basic terms, the meaning of numbers can help add extra light to a challenging spread. These meaning can also give a completely new view when you are looking for answers in the cards.

In complex terms, the meaning of numbers in the Tarot cards can work in symmetry and end up making amazing predictions in readings.

When you are working with Tarot cards, be sure to pay attention to any numbers that you see. The reference below will show you what certain numbers mean. This will help you to discover a deeper meaning in your Tarot readings.

If you want to understand the Tarot completely, it is important to understand all of its aspects, including its numbers.

Have a good time experiencing another aspect of the Tarot with the number meanings below.

Zero the start and finish, It is a number without limits, It offers unlimited potential, It stands for unity, It is everlasting

One: Independent, To Get Started, To have a strong purpose with passion

Two: Equal parts, Opposite Sides, Togetherness, Decisions

Three: Tracking time, Being creative, Trusting your instincts, Moving ahead in life

Four: Calm, Steady, Humble, Simple, Achieving goodness

Five: Action, Unsteady, Passionate, Traveling, Unexpected

Six: Honest, Protective, Reliable, Growing, Caring

Seven: Everything is right, Dreaming, Understanding and healing.

Eight: Chance, Watching, Plans, Repeating

Nine: Seeing, Trusting in your mind power, Waiting for results
Numbers give off certain vibrations that can help all energy work its way into the universe.

By paying attention to the numbers in Tarot readings, you can notice the universal energy and learn a higher truth from your reading.


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