Tarot Reading and Finding Answers

Tarot Reading and Finding Answers
Beginning Tarot Reading and Finding Answers to your Questions

As a beginning Tarot reader there are a few simple tips that can help you find the answers you seek. The most important thing to remember when consulting the Tarot in a Tarot reading is the ability to focus your intentions. Learning how to frame your questions can also help you determine which areas in your life that you would like to explore. It's important to be clear and concise with your thoughts. Ultimately, the more focus you put into a Tarot reading, the more you can expect to get out of it.

Prior to shuffling the Tarot cards, you should always focus on a question or specific area in your life that you wish to get answers. Take the time to sit and focus on your intentions. When you are ready, simply ask your higher power or divine energy to guide you through the Tarot.  Remember, the Tarot card themselves are really nothing more than fancy card stock. Their true power comes from the power we give them. By focusing on your question and concentrating on the cards, the goal is to channel your energy to the cards themselves so they can speak to you.

It’s also helpful to try and avoid yes or no questions. This limits you and the Tarot’s ability to shed light on hidden or unseen influences that are shaping your situation. Tarot reading is really about learning about yourself. The goal to Tarot reading is learning how to identify the appropriate choices that will improve your life. Fundamentally, Tarot reading is a means to expand your level of awareness and insight.

Once the cards or dealt and placed in a Tarot spread, take the time to really investigate the cards. Quickly scanning through them will fail to produce a thorough reading. As a beginner it is absolutely fine to use other material to help you with your Tarot card meanings, but also try to take the time to discover your own meanings.  Over time, your will develop your own interpretations for the cards and the answers you seek will come with ease.

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