Tarot Reading and Cheating

Discovering A Cheater With Tarot Reading

Accepting the truth is often not easy, especially if it is concerning a subject such as cheating, and a Tarot reading is an excellent way to find out the truth once and for all. Whether you are the one guilty of the indiscretion, or your partner, this method can give you the answers that you seek.

The Magician card typically represents your ability to make something good out of a bad situation, or make something happen when it appears there is no hope. It is usually a good card to see and if you see the Magician card while you are having a regular Tarot reading, you should not assume a Tarot reading cheating because of the appearance of this strong card. However, if you are concerned about cheating and the card appears, it can be interpreted as your man magically keeping an affair from you, and having the power to succeed.

The affair may be happening at the moment, if you see the Magician card in the present position, while if  the card appears in the future position, you can probably assume that infidelity is something that he is contemplating.

Discovering A Cheater Through Tarot Reading

You can sometimes get a much fuller and more accurate picture from the cards that appear with the Magician. You can safely assume an affair will take place at work if you see the Suit of Pentacles, as this card denotes money.

If your reading results in the Cups card touching the Magician card, it can be devastating news, as it means that your man may actually be in love with someone else, rather than simply having an affair.

Your man is not only having an affair, but he is looking for someone better than you. This is what you should infer if your Tarot reading infidelity results in the Suit of Wands as well as the Magician. He may be looking for a woman with more money than you have, or he may be trying to satisfy your financial needs by using her extra income.

Your man may be cheating on you to exact revenge, and the Suit of Swords is a string indication of that. Communicating is represented by Swords and one of the most direct and meaningful ways to get back at someone is to get revenge by cheating. Your man may know something that you did not think he knew, or he may think that you cheated on him, whether or not that is true.

A younger version of yourself is represented by one of the four Page cards, along with the Magician card, and if you see these cards in your Tarot reading cheating, he may be cheating with a younger version of you. The Knight card represents your man having a fling with someone; quite possible the affair was based on sexual attraction rather than something more meaningful. If your reading shows you a Knights card, he may be cheating with an unexpected person.

If you really want to be sure, look for the Magician card paired with the Queen card; this is also an indication that he is cheating with a friend of yours. What action you take is then up to you, although you are strongly recommended to move on and find someone more worthy of your time.


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