Tarot Reading and Animal Symbolism

Understanding the Symbolism of Animals in a Tarot Readings

Regardless of who you are reading the Tarot for, symbolism plays a huge role in interpretation. This is also true whenever you're doing Tarot readings and see the image of animals. You need to understand this if you want to have a well rounded interpretative reading of Tarot.

Whenever you're reading Tarot you'll notice some Tarot symbols and animals that will catch your eye more than others will. This is neither accidental nor is it something that you alone are aware of. However, it is particularly true whenever you're looking at Tarot card meanings and animals. Some of the more common animals depicted int he Tarot are birds, bulls, dogs and lions.

The first animal you'll notice is the bird. They are found in the air. This stands for higher thoughts and spiritual matters. Birds can also be symbolic of freedom and ascension. Oftentimes it's symbolic of our need to free ourselves from bondage in order to make our hearts lighter.

The second animal you'll notice is the bull. Commonly it's associated with the Taurus on the zodiac. Regardless of where you find it though, you'll find yourself dealing with powerful forces here. Of course, a bull can also symbolize your resistance to change, stubbornness or inflexibility.

The third animal you'll notice is the dog. Of course, this is man's best friends. It conjures up feelings of fidelity, honesty, loyalty and truth. So, it will usually appear whenever you're dealing with loyalty, faith and being true to yourself. Herein it indicates that you're on the right track.

The fourth and final animal you'll notice is the lion. Just like the animal itself, this card symbolizes strength, courage, royalty and protection. However, the lion can be either your savior or your destroyer because it can symbolize either spiritual valor or the flesh's beastly needs. Whenever the lion is seen to be roaring at us, it means that we need to consider just how courageous we are.


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