Tarot Meanings and Color

Understanding the Various Tarot Meanings of Color

Down through the ages color has influenced our health, energy, moods, environment, and even our personalities. Color therapy was used throughout history as Chromotherapy and Color Healing all the way back to the Ancient World. Today, Tarot symbols and color are linked in readings.

The Sun was worshiped in ancient cultures for its healing power. The Egyptian god Thoth, whom the Greeks knew as Hermes, can be linked to teachings on the healing properties of color. Greek and Egyptian physicians practiced in rooms painted with healing shades. They also used colored ointments and salves and had their treatment rooms painted in various healing shades.

Color is actually made up of light vibrations and what we see reflects that essence and is revealed in a wide range of various hues. We are surrounded by color constantly and it is integral to our existence.

Even visually impaired people can perceive color vibrations, either through the sense of touch, smell, sound or in their mind's eye.

There may be psychological reasons why individuals choose one color instead of another. They may not even be consciously aware of these implications, since as far back as antiquity, color carries archetypal elements.

Tarot cards are composed of seventy-eight pictographs and include color to reveal their messages. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the power color wields as a way of more accurately interpreting Tarot card meanings and color.


White – Beginnings, purity, spirituality
Black – Ignorance, hidden things, negativity
Red – Vitality, patience energy, activity and passion
Yellow – Intellect, spirituality
Green – Growth, human quality, minerals, vegetables. early changes
Blue – Emotion, intuition, peace, healing
Brown – down to earth
Orange – vitality, courage
Pale Orange – jealousy
Grey – In Tarot cards, grey always depicts wisdom


Orange is revitalizing
Green means restful
Scarlet and Vermillion is stimulating and inspiring


Green and Indigo – restful
Emerald Green and Royal Blue – Revitalizing
Violet and Yellow – Stimulating and Inspiring.


Moonlight Blue – Restful
Rose, Pink, Gold – Revitalizing
Violet, Purple. Amethyst – Stimulating, Inspiring


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