Tarot Cards as a Divintation Tool

Tarot Cards are a Divination Tool that can Be Used for Personal Guidance

Tarot cards are called a divination tool and consist of 78 cards in a deck. These are dealt out in a pattern called a spread. They are supposed to tell the story of a person's life journey when viewed in order from start to finish. When someone lays the cards in a configuration—or spread—for you, they tell your story.

Another category of divination tools is "scrying," that includes tea leaf reading, fire gazing and other methods. In this process, the symbols that appear to the reader tell about your life's journey and how they are related to events that have happened to you.

Simply "telling the future" is not what divination does with any method. It would not help much for someone to just tell you the future, even though it might be fun at parties. Life events are not written in stone, and that is why they cannot tell the future with divination. Decision and choice determines your destiny and that is how you control your own future. Divination can only give you advice according to the path you are presently taking and what energies are in your life at the moment. Predicting your future is similar to a weather forecast. The forecaster can tell with some accuracy if it will rain tomorrow, but not precisely the number of inches that will fall.

Some people frequently look to divination to guide them in their everyday lives. They may choose to get  tarot readings or some other session before a special event, the purchase of a home, a full moon or before a New Year celebration. Others want readings on a weekly or even a daily basis. Just the way people use the weather forecast to determine if they should plan a picnic, a tarot reading or other divination may be used as a forecast for life. Those who like to have readings to guide their lives may feel that they are checking their energetic or spiritual "weather" before stepping into their future.


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