Tarot Cards And The Popular Culture

The tarot was originally known as trionfi and was later called tarock and tarocchi. Groups of card games started being played in the 15th century on the Old Continent and French tarot or the tarocchini game of cards specific to the Italian people are just a couple of fine examples. Today, the tarot is often times associated with occultists and mystics and many people believe it to provide clear paths to spiritual enlightenment and mental mapping. Specific to the tarot are the four suits which are different from one part of the world to another. Pip card numbering totals 14 cards, from ace to ten and four face cards. There is also a trump suit made of 21 cards and also the Fool card which can play the role of the top trump. Sometimes the Fool is played so the following suit can be avoided.    


The Tarot In Popular Culture

In 1995, Marvel Comics decided to publish a major-arcanas-only Tarot deck. The Tarot deck was launched in Italy and it revolved around marvel Comics characters. It was called Tarocchi Marvel. Two years later, the same comic the same American publisher of comic books released a specialized magazine related to tarots, called The Marvel Tarot. The magazine was featuring a secondary major-arcanas-only Tarot deck which was displaying other characters that were representing the trumps. The Burning Tarot deck was designed by artist Tifanny Lee Brown and it was featuring the photos taken during the Burning Man festival in Nevada, held in Black Rock City on a regular yearly basis. In 2003 the artist created a mini card deck featuring the edited Major Arcana. A few years later Brown had collaborations with photographer Steven Fritz and together they gave birth to the double-sided Tarot desk by dressing up festival participants into costumes.  

   The Hello Tarot is another fine example of a special tarot deck that was inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot and which features Japanese drawings that are characteristic to Hello Kitty, the amazing pop culture phenomenon, and a few of her friends portrayed by Joe Rosales. There is also a Peanuts Arcana tarot deck inspired by characters originating from the Peanuts carton characters created by Charles Schultz.


Tarot Cards And Fantasy Novels

Phoenix and Ashes is a fantasy novel part pertaining to Mercedes Lackeys which was released in 2004 and which featured characters resembling the characters who were trying to master their magic skills. We can also mention here the Little, Big fantasy novel created by John Crowley and which represented the inspiration basis for the Tarot deck created later on. The Amber Chronicles is another fantasy series that also revolves around trumps or magical tarots used for communication purposes.

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