When A Tarot Card Reading Doesn’t Make Sense

When A Tarot Card Reading Doesn’t Make Sense
There is nothing more frustrating than those times when a tarot card reading just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Unfortunately this can happen to even the best tarot card readers. Usually when we are unable to interpret the cards effectively during a tarot reading, it’s rarely about the cards we have pulled. In most circumstances, a tarot card reading that appears confusing, or one that lacks any real consistency, is most likely about our own selves.

In a tarot card reading, the tarot cards are reflections of who we are. When we have difficulty interpreting them, most likely there are seom issuess  surrounding feelings of inner conflict, fear or uncertainty. It’s important to remember not to project these issues onto the tarot cards. When this occurs it’s always wise to take a step back. Many people will attempt to ignore the spread altogether and re-shuffle the cards. This is not always the best approach.

If you have the time, record the tarot card reading into a journal for later reflection. A misunderstood tarot card reading is not unlike a symbolic dream. It may take some time to process the material you have received. A tarot card reading that lacks clarity in the present, might take on a whole new interpretation if you allow yourself some time to process its meaning. 

Should you be performing a tarot card reading for another person and you can not decipher its meaning, don’t be afraid to ask the person being read for their own interpretation. There is no right or wrong approach to tarot reading. You can ask the person being read to identify the symbols that stand out for them; what might this mean to them and how does it apply in their current life stage. Opening up a dialogue helps build a stronger relationship and it can also help you understand more about the tarot card reading.

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