Tarot Card Meanings: The Suit of Cups

Understanding the Tarot Card Meanings of the Suit Of Cups in a Tarot Reading

The traditional Tarot card deck consist of twenty-two (22) Major arcana cards, (16) Court cards and(15) Minor Arcana cards. The minor arcana is split into four suits which are the Swords, Pentacles or coins, Cups, and Wands. Each suit has a meaning, especially when one suit is prominent in a spread or in a series of cards.

The suit that speaks of emotions, intuition and feelings is the suit of cups. Cups can often indicate abundance or they can refer to an individual's feelings. The cup symbolizes the emotional aspect of the human psychic and encourages the use of one's instincts to deal with a situation. It could also display a time where the individual could see positive results from trusting in and following his personal wisdom or intuition. Cups also show that you should not succumb to anxiety or fear, but instead trust your instincts.

When it comes to Tarot card meanings, there is a progression that that flows from ones suit to another. If the suit of wands indicates initiative and ideas, then the cups follows with the  intuition and feelings and is considered the next step in deciding a course of action. In reality, you start with a concept or idea and then move forward with the feeling or instinct of developing the idea further. The cup is followed by the swords because these are the movement and action cards. The pentacles are the last in the sequence as they represent manifestation

When the cups are upright in a tarot card spread, this often indicates a sense of sensitivity and/or intense passion. However, one can become vulnerable to losing their own sense of self and certainly their objective point of view or reference. The prominence of the suit of cups could mean that you are creative with finding solutions to problems. The suit of cups typically is associated to highly creative and artistic people.

When there are many cup reversals, this could mean that there are emotional impediments that block your objective standpoint or intuition. Many reversed cups suggest that the questioner is seeing things through a distorted perception and not through reality. In addition, reversed cups can speak to relationship issues, romantic or other, or poor connection or communication in a particular situation. When the cups are not balanced, anxieties may be taking over.

Very often when the suit of cups is reversed, people are too focused on what they think or feel they need, rather than the opportunities available to them. This usually happens when they are still stuck on an idea, a person or a situation that they are not letting go, but need to.


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