The Temperance (XIV) Tarot Card

The Temperance (XIV) Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings And Understanding The Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance is the card of moderation and restraint. It represents the mature self, one that can see beyond his own destination. This phase of the journey occurs after the experience of a symbolic death. The seeker has died and been reborn. The ego has failed him so he finally has the freedom to release it. He is left in total passivity, waiting for the new tools he will need to guide him in evaluating the world.

Atlas, the angel of temperance comes and with her comes the water of new life. She is there to serve as a method for evaluation as she draws the seekers unconscious and conscious into balance. In a tarot reading, the angel of Temperance provides a new perspective: one of compromise, tranquility and compassion. The symbolic implication of the Temperance tarot card refers to its association to the Anima. In this case, it is an elevated anima, the female archetype that represents feminine power and creativity. The angel of Temperance is the moderator between one’s outer awareness and inner awareness. Thus, Temperance serves to be the voice of goodness and sound judgment.

In a tarot reading, the Temperance card suggests that all things need to be handled with moderation and tolerance. Temperance reminds us that that even in its feminine form, these are traits of great strength and power. When the Temperance card comes up in a tarot spread, it can also refer to the concept of time. Temperance's tarot card meanings typically represent the flowing of time from the past to the future, life to death, and/or the merged self to an individuated self. It is this continuum that reminds us that nothing is forever and nothing is permanent. This clearly relates to the concept of reincarnation and life after death. What is most important to remember, however, is the concept that within each lifetime, we all have many deaths and rebirths. Each of these cycles offers us a deeper wisdom and understanding of our sense of purpose in the world.

The negative aspect to Temperance is her association to impatience and irritation. In this case, her creative energy has no purpose. As a result the energy gets stuck in situations that are limited and confining. Sometimes this stunted energy gets directed in biased thinking and/or neurotic behavior.

Upright Temperance Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading

In its upright position, Temperance indicates the need to combine opposing elements in order to form something of greater value. This may require you to take control of volatile factors in your current situation. This is a good time to ask your self what feels as though it is on the verge of becoming out of control. You may find yourself in a situation that requires that you and another person may have to combine your skills to get something accomplished. This also may refer to your inner world as well. You may have to face and manage your desires and fears in order for you to forge a new consciousness.

Sometimes Temperance can indicate that a new, harmonious relationship will be entering your life. In a tarot reading, Temperance encourages you to moderate your impulses and behaviors. You may find yourself desiring things that go against your value system. You may need to slow down and examine where you stand in your current situation. It is important to be willing to compromise.

  • Patience
  • Moderation and self-control
  • Harmony and balance
  • Neutrality
  • Healing

Reversed Temperance Tarot Card Meaning In A Tarot Reading

In a reversed position, Temperance warns that you may be lacking in moderation and will be forced to face the consequences. Your unmanaged impulses could get you into trouble. You need to be careful that your ambitions don’t cause you to make radical decisions. It would be wise to consider a compromise or serious problems could result. You may be overreacting to a situation. In some circumstances, Temperance indicates a discrepancy between one’s mind and one’s emotions. In relationship tarot readings, Temperance sometimes indicates issues of infidelity. Temperance reversed always indicates there is a lack of balance in some aspect of your life.

  • Being to extreme or controlling
  • Infidelity
  • Behaving inappropriately
  • Lack of self-control
  • Impulsive or reckless behavior

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