Tarot Symbolism: Pillars

Tarot Symbolism: Pillars
Tarot Reading: Tarot Symbolism & Meanings of Pillars

In tarot symbolism, pillars are associated with masculinity. Pillars are foundations. They are there to provide the core structure and principles on which we should base our lives. In tarot reading, pillars reference concepts of “support” and “endurance”. These often refer to elements in our lives that we must uphold such as our value systems, laws or social responsibilities.

In architecture, pillars are utilized as support systems for buildings and structures. They provide stability for roofs and upper levels of buildings. If their strength or fortitude is compromised in any way, the entire structure is at risk of collapse.

In tarot reading, pillars can refer to the structure of our lives and can remind us to evaluate the vulnerabilities that may threaten our foundations or belief systems. The appearance of a pillar can signify the need to explore the structures of our personalities, life choices, or our relationships.

In tarot symbolism, pillars can also refer to character traits. Pillars represent the type of individual that can hold things together, support others, and endure challenging life trials or circumstances. Pillars can refer to facing important life transitions that truly tests one’s capacity to show up and remain present.

Pillars also serve as gateways or entrances. In this regard, they separate two distinct spaces or dimensions. In tarot imagery, pillars are often depicted in pairs as a means of representing contrasting fields, sacred places, or levels of consciousness. They can also refer to the concept of duality or opposites. Their presence often refers to the concept of balance, particularly between one’s inner drives and higher consciousness.

In tarot reading, pillars (particularly in the reversed position) can carry negative connotations as well. Pillars can be rigid and unyielding. They can serve as a means to block or separate. To this extent, pillars can represent a person or situation where structured rules may be hindering one’s ability to achieve a desired objective.

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