The Star (XVII) Tarot Card

The Star (XVII) Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: Tarot Reading And Understanding The Star Tarot Card

After the deconstruction of the Tower tarot card, the Star offers a new hope. She is the light that guides the seeker back to his path. She reminds him to look towards the heavens or divine spirit for help. What is important to remember, however, is that the light of the star is also within each and every one of us. The Star reminds us that guidance can be found from within as well as through contact with the universal mind. The Star tarot card serves as an invitation to once again connect with the higher mind. The star shining out of the night is a symbol of divine intervention. So with hope, comes faith.

The number associated with the Star is seventeen. When reduced, it becomes an eight. Eight is considered to be a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The water which is being poured is the water of life. Having undergone the instability of the Tower, the seeker finds himself within the healing powers of the Star’s water. The water falls onto the earth and within a pool. The unconscious and conscious have struck a balance. Internal conflict is once again resolved.

Although the journey is not over, the presence of the Star signifies that things are coming to an end. The Star assures the seeker that his quest was not done in vain. The sun will rise again. In a free tarot reading, the Star reminds us that when we keep our mind open, we can rise above the darker side of our natures. The stars shinning above represent the parts of us that aspire to be better than we are. These are the ideas and dreams of tomorrow. The tarot meaning of the Star also refers to spiritual growth. The tarot card meanings of the Star encourages us to meditate and contemplate. What is important to remember, is that growth is a flowing process.

Rather than having separate stages of development, the star reminds us that there is a continuum of energy. The seeker comes to learn that his journey does not end with the completion of a goal. Instead, his journey represents the life force, a creative power directing the world towards a better future. In a tarot reading, the star indicates that although a great deal has been overcome, there is still more to learn.

Upright The Star Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading

In its upright position, the star signifies relief and restoration. You have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the time to balance and center your self. It is also the time to rely on divine faith. Trust your inner wisdom and intuition. The Star is a card of hope and protection. You can now trust that the divine spirit is working in your best interest. Perhaps you have wanted a situation to come to fruition. Trust that the Universe will provide you with everything you need.

The Star often brings good news in relation to things you have wanted. In a tarot reading, the Star encourages you to apply your self as you will reap the rewards. Often, the Star card suggests that this is the time to undertake the development of a special talent. In health readings, the upright Star indicates that there will be healing.

  • Renewal
  • Healing
  • Hope
  • Guidance
  • Trust
  • Tranquility

Reversed The Star Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading

In its reversed position, the Star still has a positive tarot meaning. However, it may indicate that you may not be aware of the spiritual implications in your life. Perhaps you are not grasping the significance of aligning your intentions with those of the universe. In some cases, the Star warns that your connection to divine spirit is struggling. If you have started a new venture, there may be setbacks. However, these should be temporary. A poor attitude and low self-esteem can be prohibiting you from feeling happy. A lack of faith is causing you unnecessary anxiety and fear.

The Star reversed sometimes signifies the need to get grateful. Perhaps you are too focused on what you do not have. Take contrary action. Give rather than receive. Focus on what you have. In a tarot reading, the Star reversed also warns of rigid and obstinate thinking. The best action to take would be that of letting go. Surrender to the process and let the Universe guide you.

  • Reluctance to accept help
  • Unfulfilled happiness
  • Difficulty with self-acceptance and self-confidence
  • Distrust
  • Self-Centeredness

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