Six of Cups Tarot Card

Six of Cups Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: The Six of Cups in a Tarot Reading

The Six of Cups represents reminiscence, childhood memories, and the fond sentiments of one’s past. The Six of Cups often indicates the reviving of past relationships. In some cases, The Six of Cups denotes a resurgence of opportunities that were once missed.

Upright Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
The Six of Cups connects one’s past with one’s future. You may run into an old acquaintance or attend a family reunion. You may suddenly find yourself thinking about your past childhood experiences. You have a new found sense of gratitude for your childhood. In some cases, the Six of Cups can indicate a yearning for past relationships and experiences. This may be a period of emotional renewal. Perhaps you have finally broken free from a past experience. You are coming into your own with a deep appreciation of your journey.  You may find the solution to your current problems by reviewing you past experiences and skills. Old acquaintances may offer you new opportunities. Your past efforts bring you success.

 In Love Tarot, the Six of Cups tarot card meanings can indicate the reviving of old relationships. A lover from your past may suddenly reappear.  Relationships may need to become more playful and innocent. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with your partner. Speak from the heart.

The Six of Cups can also refer to children. It can denote a pregnancy or birth. Children may also play a significant role in your present life. Children can serve as great advisors. A childlike perspective may aid you in career or relationship matters.

  • Nostalgia
  • Reunions
  • Childhood memories
  • Utilizing old skills
  • Emotional renewal
  • Old Friends and former lovers

Reversed Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
In a reversed position, The Six of Cups may indicate that you are clinging on to your past. There may be issues from your past that you have not yet fully processed. It’s important to explore the memories of your past, but do not get stuck there. You ideas and beliefs that were established in the past may be prohibiting your progress. Use your past as a guide for your future. In a tarot reading, the Six of Cups reversed urges you to live in the moment.

In some cases, the Six of Cups reversed can indicate the need to stop dwelling on your achievements of the past. This could potentially be hindering you from pursuing new goals and dreams. The Six of Cups urges you to break from past obligations that are holding you back. You may need to let go of old ties and relationships. Be willing to try something new.

  • Past issues that have not been dealt with
  • Clinging to the past
  • Outdated ideas and perspectives
  • Not living in the moment
  • Breaking free from unwanted obligations
  • Guilt

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