Queen of Wands Tarot Card

Queen of Wands Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: Understanding the Queen of Wands in a Tarot Reading

The Queen of Wands represents the emotionally mature female. She has the remarkable ability to balance her heart and mind. She can, however, have strong emotions. She has extremely powerful feelings regarding her love for someone or for the things she believes in. Home and family is of utmost importance to her. She has strong opinions and supports the opinions of others as well. She is a visionary and when she desires something, nothing can avert her from reaching her goals. She is quite realistic and chooses to uphold her values, regardless of the consequences. She is a woman of integrity. She may choose a job that does not necessarily pay well as long as it aligns with her ideals.

The Queen of Wands tends to have many people dependent on her. She is considered to be reliable and trustworthy. She is the loyal and faithful mate and parent. She is quite social and has many female friends. Her home environment is also important to her. She takes the time to ensure that her dwelling is full of items that enable her to feel feminine and safe. She also has the ability to turn inwards and experience her feelings to the fullest. She has the ability to enter meditative states and often wishes to connect to something higher than herself. She tends be attracted to spirituality and religion.

The Negative element to the Queen of Wands is disloyalty or being overly ambitious. Her passionate energy can cause fits of anger and discord. She also has the tendency to be consumed by her own ego. She can be stubborn, self-righteous, and narrow-minded.

Upright Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading

The Queen of Wands is just as ambitious as her counterpart, the King of Wands. She is energetic, ambitious and communicative. She is a woman that can multi-task. She tends to be well balanced and can manage to juggle her home life and work simultaneously. Her independence makes her a force to reckon with. She is usually the center of attention, and others find her absolutely charming. When she appears in a Tarot reading, it is often an indicator that a well balanced, mature woman may offer you some important advice.

If your reading is about your career, the Queen of Wands generally refers to your sense of energy and motivation. In this case, you can expect a successful outcome of your endeavors. Your mind for business matters, will set you apart from others. Expect recognition for a job well done. You may also have a surge or creative ideas and initiative. This is the time to get into action.

In love Tarot, the Queen of Wands establishes partnerships that are balanced, equal, and generally happy. If you are inquiring about love, the Queen of Wands can indicate new experiences and a possible new romance. This relationship could be fiery one. Passion will abound. The more open you are, the more likely you are to meet someone of significance. In relationships, the Queen of Wands can indicate a new level of equality and balance with your partner.

  • A emotionally mature female
  • Strong mind for business
  • The ability to multi-task
  • Passion
  • Recognition for a job well done
  • Important advice from a female
  • New ideas and creativity
  • Competence

Reversed Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
In a reversed position, the Tarot card meanings of the Queen of Wands often refer to narrow-mindedness and an over emphasis on one’s ambitions. When she appears in a Tarot reading, it may indicate a domineering and manipulative woman. She may also represent an individual that has alienated themselves from others. In this case, it is usually an indicator that one’s own independence is preventing them from getting close to others. You may need to explore your own areas of insecurity. You may be trying to compensate through rigidity and self-righteousness.

In Love Tarot, the reversed Queen of Wands can indicate a woman trying to interfere with your relationship. She may also indicate that your level of self-sufficiency is preventing you from getting close to a romantic partner or potential partner. She can also represent a woman that is disloyal.

  • A domineering or manipulative woman
  • To much emphasis on one’s ambition’s
  • Ego-centrism
  • Rigidity
  • disloyalty

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