Page of Swords Tarot Card

Page of Swords Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: Tarot Reading and Understanding The Page of Swords Tarot Card

The Page of Swords is the defiant teenager, constantly seeking his independence. He is frank and egocentric. He is restless, practical and has strength of character. He views the world with realism and sound judgment. Being associated with the suit of swords makes him an excellent communicator. The sword he holds can be used to reveal truth and, if not careful, he has the ability to be destructive and brutal. He is a messenger, bringing words or new ideas to those he comes upon.

Upright Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
In an upright position, the Page of swords is the messenger of important news. News of this such, can often comes as a surprise and can appear to be disconcerting. However, this is a message of necessity and the Page of Swords warns one that this information must not be taken for granted.

In a tarot reading the Page of Swords may indicate that you may find yourself in a situation where quick observation and analysis are needed. Your ability for rational thinking can aid you in making appropriate decisions. Be aware of what you have committed your self to. Before you sign any contract, weigh that matter thoroughly. You might find yourself in a position where you will need to get professional advice.  Being adaptable will make necessary change much easier. You may have to negotiate a delicate situation.

You may also find yourself in a situation where gossips and rumors are affecting your standing. Someone may challenge you with abrasive words. There may be a confrontation of some kind. Use your mental skills and objectivity to navigate through the situation. A young person’s behavior may concern you. In a tarot reading, the Page of Swords may indicate that you will receive some troubling news.

  • A restless and independent youth
  • Important news
  • New Intellectual endeavors
  • The need to observe surroundings

Reversed Page of Swords Tarot card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
In a reversed position, the Page of Swords indicates that someone may be trying to undermine you. Unanticipated issues may come up. Thoroughly examine important paperwork. There could be miscommunications. Someone may break a promise. The Page of Swords tarot card meanings usually emphasize a time of unpredictability. Your plans may have to be canceled. Someone you know may be insensitive towards your feelings. You may feel slighted or cheated by someone you know. In a tarot reading, the Page of Swords reversed can indicate a scandal or blackmail. If you are around children, one of them may be act rebellious and disruptive. Be sure to set clear boundaries.

  • Unanticipated issue
  • Need for caution
  • Rebellious or disruptive child
  • Read contracts carefully

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