King of Pentacles Tarot Card

King of Pentacles Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: Understanding the King of Pentacles in a Tarot Reading

The King of Pentacles is a man of practicality. He is the type of man that accomplishes a great deal within the physical plane.  In other words, he has the ability to manifest his ideas through dedication and determination. His achievements are the result of his perseverance and persistent efforts.  He tends to have a conservative world view and avoids taking risks. The King of Pentacles is well organized and successful in business. Due to his stable nature, the King of Pentacles often has people emotionally dependent on him. He is a great provider, dedicated to his family and community. His parenting style is predictable, but consistent.  

Upright King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
In a tarot reading, the King of Pentacles typically represents stability. Your security is of utmost importance. Often, the King of Pentacles refers to matters of business. Your focus may involve your career and the organization of your finances. You may get a promotion or an increase in your salary. Perhaps you may find yourself in a new role of leadership. Anything that has to do with real-estate or property will flourish. A sensible and prudent attitude will bring you success. You may receive advice regarding financial matters.

On a spiritual level, the King of Pentacles often refers to a need for a religious association. You may be more drawn to the world of tradition than that of unconventionality. You have a strong sense of right and wrong and it’s important to remember stay true to your value system. You may find spirituality through a connection to nature.

In Love Tarot, the King of Pentacles can represent a serious suitor. He or she may have a deep appreciation for family and marriage. Typically, they are dependable and down to earth. If you are a woman, the King of Pentacles can indicate a relationship with a worldly and wealthy man.

  • Stability and reliability
  • Sensibility
  • Leadership
  • Financial Security
  • Achievement
  • Wealth

Reversed King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
In a tarot reading, a reversed King of Pentacles warns one not to base their feelings of achievement and self-confidence on their financial achievements. Money is not everything. In some cases, a reversed King of Pentacles can indicate over-indulgence and materialism. The King of Pentacles tarot card meanings can also refer to one’s conduct. You may need to temper your behavior. You can be prone to outburst that could cause others to feel uncomfortable, undervalued and disrespected. Finally, the King of Pentacles reversed can refer to unethical business dealings.

In some tarot readings, a reversed King of Pentacles can refer to someone that is influencing your life. He may be dishonest, vulgar and inappropriate. He may have issues with his emotions and has a tendency to suppress his feelings.

  • Over concern with money
  • Over-indulgence
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Detachment from one’s feelings
  • Greed and materialism
  • Dishonest business dealings

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