The Justice (XI) Tarot Card

The Justice (XI) Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: Tarot Reading And Understanding The Justice Tarot Card

In tarot reading, Justice stands for balance and equality. Justice represents the influence of our inner self and our conscience. Justice (depicted as female) symbolizes a mature sense of self. She has found her place amongst her fellows. She is dependable, worldly, and has reached a level of prosperity and status. Yet, she still struggles with a feeling that all is not as it should be. This has to do with fact that although she has mainly served her ego and conscious mind, she has lost touch with the yearnings of her unconscious. She must, once again, strike a balance between the two.

When Justice appears in a tarot spread, it informs you that the journey you are on may have to take an entirely new direction in order for justice to be served. With the repression of unconscious desires, one may find that their conscious mind either becomes consumed with things from younger age or there may be a deep depression that has slowly settled in. This is what some refer to as a mid-life crisis. In a tarot reading, Justice signifies the time to change one’s perspective. There is a need to accept the second part of one’s life. It is a journey into the realm of the inner self and requires a shift of focus away from the outer aspects of worldly interests.

Justice acknowledges the need for a moral inventory. Things must be put back into balance, regardless of the consequences. Although there is a basic unfairness and lack of balance in the ordinary order of things, the true imbalance lies within the self and not in outer, worldly realities. When we strive to meet the destinies of our journeys, we must find the strength to abide by the principles of the universe. These principles are the laws which govern us. They must be learned and we must comply. This must be done to avoid serious consequences.

The corresponding number for Justice is eleven. Eleven is the number of insight, idealism, wisdom and compassion. It embodies the universal laws of our world. With this in mind, it is important to acknowledge that Justice’s sword is double edged. One aspect represents law and order and the other aspect represents mercy and consideration. We must assimilate each side of the sword in order to reach enlightenment.

The negative aspect to Justice is when the laws which govern us are misused or applied with too much rigidity. Much of the injustice of the world today has its roots in human failings. The scales of equality are tipped and the virtue of mercy is lost and forgotten.

Upright Justice Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading

When the Justice Tarot Card appears upright in your online tarot reading, it usually is a good indicator that there is a decision that must be made in order for your life to take a new direction. This decision typically requires a great deal of consideration and contemplation. This is a milestone, often influencing the course of your fate. Its tarot card meanings usually refer to the need to take the time to restructure your life according to moral principles. It would be in your best interest to explore other points of view. There may be issues of justice and fairness. You may have to become accountable for your choices. Should you have acted in an unfair matter, it may come back to haunt you. At times, the Justice Tarot Card can indicate the onset of legal issues. Things should proceed with fairness and integrity. The outcome should be positive. You may receive help from an outside party that can tip the legal matter in your favor.

  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Compromise
  • Restored order
  • Legal Matters

Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading

In its reversed position, the Justice Tarot Card indicates that you may be experiencing unfairness. False accusations are being thrown around. A person of authority may be basing their decisions from a prejudiced point of view. In a tarot reading, Justice reversed can represent the need to make decisions which you have been reluctant to examine. Perhaps you have been over confident and failed to recognize cues that your behavior is sabotaging your endeavors. There may be a setback in you getting what you feel you deserved. Are you being lazy and indecisive? Justice reversed always represents an imbalance of some kind. You may be too focused on your position and status in society. You need to find equilibrium between your conscience and inner desires. The goal is to get them to work in a partnership.

In a tarot reading, Justice reversed also warns that an apology that you expected may not come. Someone in authority is abusing their power and this may be influencing a course of action you wish to take. Legal matters may become difficult and tedious. The outcome may not be in your favor. Be careful of your feelings of injustice, the behaviors you choose can be costly. Do not take the law into your own hands.

  • Unfairness
  • Failing to take responsibility for one’s action
  • Lawsuits
  • False accusations
  • Abuse of Power

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