The Judgment (XX) Tarot Card

The Judgment (XX) Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: Tarot Reading And Understanding The Judgment Tarot Card

Judgment signifies the concluding transition of the personality. It represents the final stage of balancing the conscious and unconscious mind. The integration of the two parts of the psyche has been completed. The psyche has experienced a deep transformation that has enabled it to become a channel for the Divine Spirit. Through the Sun, the soul has patiently grown to its full potential. The angel of rebirth blows its horns and the soul is, at last, set free. It is time to come to terms with the fact that the journey is almost over.

In a Tarot reading, Judgment represents a call from Divine Spirit. One’s perspective has shifted and a new spiritual awareness has caused a breakdown of the ego. With the loss of the ego, synthesis of all that has been transformed within the self can be achieved. This union is not only within one’s self, but it is also with the Divine Spirit. Through Divine Spirit, the soul is reborn. Judgment’s Tarot card meanings represent the end of another cycle, and the Judgment card requires us to review the journey and determine our progress. Ultimately, Judgment is the card of resurrection. It calls for self-evaluation for the purpose of transformation.

The negative aspect to the Judgment Tarot card is the concern that one will not hear the call from Divine Spirit or that it may be misinterpreted. In this case, one will continue to seek familiar comforts or attempt spiritual enlightenment through inappropriate methods.

Upright Judgment Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading

In its upright position, Judgment indicates the end of a cycle. In a Tarot reading, Judgment can reveal the beginning of a new path. This is a good time to make major changes and explore new opportunities, as the results could be transforming. The Judgment card can also represent the need to make an essential life decision. In this case, it is extremely important to evaluate the possible consequences of your decision. In a Tarot spread, the Judgment card typically indicates the need to review the course of your actions. This is the time to ask yourself if the current direction of your life is aligned with you highest good. If you anticipate a transformation of some kind, then the decision you make will be successful.

The Judgment card can also signify a spiritual awakening. Symbolically, you may experience a rebirth. Your life may take an entirely new path. If a new career path is in front of you, take it. In terms of health readings, the Judgment card indicates good health and healing. The same can be said for legal issues. In love readings, judgment represents the need to assess the relationship. Is your relationship working for you? Do you find it fulfilling?

  • Setting things right
  • Rebirth
  • New directions
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Clarity

Reversed Judgment Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading

In a reversed position, the Judgment card can indicate unhappiness, isolation and difficulties with overcoming obstacles. You may be forced to deal with the consequences of the decisions of your past and learn valuable lessons from them.  It’s time to take constructive measures. You may also find that you are fearful about making important decisions. Change is inevitable. If you are unwilling to accept changes, stagnation will replace growth. Unwanted changes could make you feel out of control and helpless. Perhaps you are reluctant to let go of a relationship, job, or circumstance that is no longer working for you.

The Judgment card encourages you to listen for divine guidance. In terms of relationships, there could be a situation that separates you from your loved one. There is also the possibility that your relationship may be coming to an end, but you do not have the courage to let it go. Sometimes Judgment reversed can indicate a divorce. In a Tarot reading, a reversed Judgment card signifies the need to let go of the past and move forward.

  • Criticizing or judging others
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility
  • Indecision
  • Fear of the future or change
  • Procrastination
  • Unwillingness to let go

See the Love Tarot section to learn more about the Judgment card and relationships.

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