Five of Wands Tarot Card

Five of Wands Tarot Card
Tarot Card Meanings: Understanding the Five of Wands in a Tarot Reading

The Five of Wands denotes forceful action, competition and facing your challenges. This card urges you participate with assertiveness. This is time to rise to the occasion and approach your opposition with energy and determination.

Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
In an upright position, the Five of Wands often indicates that this is the time to prove yourself. You must rely on your abilities and cast any self-doubt to the side. This is the time to go for the things that you want. There may be a situation that requires you to participate in a challenge. In some cases, there can be rivalry and contention with those around you. This may be particularly true within your work environment. You may have to deal with important negotiations or collaborations in reference to an important project. In this case, there may be issues surrounding disagreements and quarrels. You may be forced to defend your position or point of view.

On an emotional level, the Five of wands can indicate internal struggles or conflicts. Now you must go within and face your emotional issues. Use your energy by exploring your inner feelings. Clarity will be advantageous as it will offer you new directions and new perspectives.

The Five of Wands indicates a new found sense of energy and activity. You may feel the need to engage in some sort of physical activity. Participating in some sort of sports or group activities would serve you well.

In terms of your relationships, this may be a period in which there could be arguments and strife. It’s important to remember to take the time to process your own feelings. Your internal struggles may be influencing your behavior towards your partner. Keep the channels of communication open and remember to remain flexible.

  • Healthy competition
  • Arguments and discord
  • The need to be assertive
  • An abundance of energy
  • Rivalry
  • Internal conflicts

Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading
Typically, a reversed Five of Wands indicates peace and harmony. The struggle is over and conflict has been replaced with harmony. You are now ready to move forward and redirect your energy. Emotionally, one can expect a period of well-being. You have worked out your internal conflicts and struggles.

In some cases, the Tarot card meanings of the Five of Wands can indicate issues with self-confidence and assertiveness. Your self-doubt is inhibiting your growth. You may not feel up to the challenge. Perhaps you have spread yourself to thin or have too many projects going on at one time. It would be wise to take a time out and evaluate your current situation. You may need to prioritize or take some time to re-energize.

  • Resolution of conflict
  • Peace and feelings of well being
  • Harmony
  • Self-doubt
  • Need to prioritize

For more on the Five of Wands and its meanings in a relationship, see the Love Tarot section.

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