Tarot Card Meaning of the Queen of Swords

The queen of swords tarot card stands out because often this card represents a woman the seeker needs to be cautious. If her description does not match someone the querent knows then she may be an indication of a need to act in a more direct manner. Being firm about boundaries becomes extremely important.

The tarot meaning of the Queen of Swords shows that the querent really does know what he or she wants. The trick will be to go after whatever it is without using the abrasive energy of the Queen. The seeker should not forget that other people have boundaries. Forcing past them can only lead to unfruitful battles and the creation of unnecessary obstacles.

When dealing with work, be careful of impulsive action. It is a time for the querent to realize he or she needs to use diplomacy for solving problems. Even if the seeker knows the solutions this may not be the time to speak up.

The tarot card meaning of the queen of swords is about a forceful energy and a sharp intellect. In the area of love, this is a time where soft, sweet words will work better than brutal reality. The queen may be a mother-law type figure, who is creating a lot of interference without realizing she or he is doing it. Knowing and maintaining limits are important with this person.

In the world of money, the queen's sharp intellect can be an asset. She may be a woman who will be a part of the seeker's financial life. If it is possible to stay open to her, a lot can be learned from her concerning financial affairs.

Tarot card meanings of the queen of swords on health are usually an indication that blocked emotions are causing problems. Reducing stress levels can help tremendously. The querent needs to still be careful in how he or she expresses emotions and seek out alternatives to stress, like a short walk.


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