Tarot Card Meaning of the Queen Of Cups

Understanding the Tarot Card Meaning of the Queen of Cups Tarot Card

There are people all over the world that like to read and attend readings of tarot cards.  Each card of the tarot card deck gives symbolize to a person's present or future situation.  Tarot card meanings and the Queen of Cups can help a person gain important information about how to improve their life.

The Queen of Cups is a tarot card that depicts compassion for humanity along with love for self and others. The energy of the Queen of Cups tarot card is feminine and the tarot meaning of the Queen of Cups symbolizes inner peace, self-value, virtue and patience. 

Inner Peace:  The background of the tarot card brings inner peace. What in the background symbolizes inner peace?  Well, the hue of the tarot card's background illustrates a tranquil sky blue and an even-tempered body of water which can elude feelings of relaxation, giving a person a sense of peacefulness and calmness. Also, if you notice the Queen of Cups has a gaze that is gentle and shows assurance of self. If a tarot reader presents this card to you it could be a sign that you should not be worrisome and take situations in life as they come instead of being nervous and making hasty decisions.

Love: The Queen of Cups is a tarot card that reigns with love. If you look closely at the Queen of Cups you will see how she looks at her golden cup and holds it with the utmost care.  If a tarot card reader shows you this card it may indicate that you should be more open to compassion and love for others.

Value of Self:  If you notice the Queen of Cups holds a golden chalice with intricate designs.  It is set apart from all other chalices within the tarot card deck.  This tarot card may symbolize integrity. The throne she sits on also indicates a positive awareness of self.

Virtue:  The Queen of Cups represents high morals and standards and suggests not settling for less than one deserves.  The golden goblet has a cross which is indicative of spirituality and having good morals.


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