The Chariot and Cancer

The Chariot and Cancer
In Tarot astrology, the Chariot tarot card is associated to the astrological sign of Cancer.

The message of the Chariot tarot card is one of victory, confidence and self-discipline. The Cancer Chariot represents one’s drive and willingness to take on life’s challenges. He is there to remind us to focus our intentions and get into action.

As a Cancer, the Chariot Tarot card represents one’s creativity and intuition. Although the Cancer Chariot can be direct and tenacious, he can also be charming, sensitive and warm. He is the master of his emotions and, at the same, can remain aware of their various complexities. His greatest skill is his ability to balance his intellect with his internal drives.

The Cancer Chariot has a charismatic disposition. He has a solid sense of who he is and can forge through the world with effortlessness. Like the Magician, the Chariot has the unique ability to adapt to his surroundings. He is always willing to show up for any challenge that lies before him. The Cancer Chariot is caring, protective, and trustworthy. His intuition often helps him recognize the needs of others. Consequently, people tend to rely on him.

In tarot readings, the Cancer Chariot enjoys starting new projects and is always ready to embark on a new journey. His tendency to get into action makes him a powerful asset, particularly when he believes in a cause. His active imagination makes him a great problem solver. When he appears in a tarot reading, he always represents one’s need for self-discipline and mastery. His presence is there to remind us to strike a balance between one’s emotions and one’s rational thinking process.

The negative aspects of the Cancer Chariot can include mood fluctuations, aggressiveness and the need to feel in control one’s surroundings. In Tarot reading, the Cancer Chariot can represent the utilization of force and dominance. He can also be over-emotional and fearful. His intense energy levels can also make him restless and irritable. The Cancer Chariot is vulnerable to negative thinking and can have a tendency towards the inability to focus on one’s intentions or goals.

For the Cancer Chariot to remain in balance, he needs to use his intuition to help him master his surroundings. He can not solely depend on his intellect nor his emotions. His tendency towards aggressiveness must be tempered with the willingness to let go of his need to feel in control. Most importantly, he must learn to master his own emotions and not be ruled by them.

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