Justice and Libra

Justice and Libra
In Tarot astrology, the Justice Tarot Card is associated to the astrological sign of Libra.

The Justice Tarot Card is associated to the astrological sign of Libra. As a Libra, Justice is a symbol of equilibrium, balance, harmony and equality. In Tarot Readings, the Justice Tarot card refers to fairness, diplomacy and the willingness to explore all sides of a problem. Her appearance typically suggests a need to put things back in balance or order. Her Libra nature makes her intuitive, fair, nonjudgmental and patient.

The Libra Justice card strongest traits include an intuitive understanding of others, the ability for rational thinking, and clear perceptions. She has an uncanny ability for recognizing the wrong from the right. She also can be quite flexible, but remains true to her convictions. The Libra Justice also has the skill of adaptability and independence. They are natural peacemakers and tend to be natural diplomats.

In Tarot readings, the Libra Justice card refers to the law of cause and effect. She is there to remind you of the power of adhering to universal principles. When these principles are applied to one’s life, there is an element of divine balance, flow and equilibrium.

The negative elements attributes of the Libra Justice card is the vulnerability towards indecision and restlessness. They can be strict, inflexible and mistrustful of others. Their idealistic nature can interfere with their ability to see things as they truly are and they can be easily influenced by others. They can also fail to follow through commitments and go from one project to another. In the worst case scenario, the Libra Justice can be the ultimate hypocrite, setting high standards but never living up to them.

In Tarot readings, the negative qualities the Libra Justice card can include unfair outcomes or issues surrounding getting what you deserve. In some cases, there may have been an unwillingness to make an important decision due to hesitation or reluctance. In Tarot readings, the Justice Tarot card calls for the need to thoroughly review your own behavior. It urges you to ask your self if there is anything in your life that is out of balance.

For Libra Justice to remain in balance, they must be willing to explore the levels of self-confidence. If they are uncertain of themselves, they must be willing to examine the causes. They need to recognize their vulnerability for indecision and outside influences and learn to trust their intuitive voice.

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