Strength and Leo

Strength and Leo
In Tarot astrology, the Strength Tarot Card is associated to the astrological sign of Leo.

In tarot astrology, Leo is represented by the Strength Tarot Card. The Strength card is a card of energy and power which is symbolized by the lion. The physical force of the lion is unified with his gentle master, the feminine young maiden. Because these two forces are connected, the Strength Tarot card represents the instinctive awareness of one’s own power. As a Leo, the Strength Tarot Card refers to the command of one’s inner courage and vitality. His significance in tarot reading often reflects courageousness in the face of adversity.

The virtues of Leo include determination and diligence. In tarot reading, Leo is a card of action as he has learned to use his primal instincts as a form of energy. While the Strength Tarot card represents our primal drives, it is also tempered by an element of higher consciousness. This is reflected in his master, the Maiden, who refers to our ability for higher thinking, compassion and patience. The message of The Strength Tarot card is that an elevated consciousness can tame one’s primal instincts. The symbolism reflected in the depiction of the lion refers to our deepest desires. A raw force which is kept in check by a higher conscious.  

The positive elements of Strength’s Leo is a ferocious appetite for life and a raw energy that, when directed, can be used to obtain one’s deepest desires. Once a Leo sets his mind on something, nothing can sway him from his course. Leos have a strong work ethic and have the tenacity to see there ventures come to fruition.  They are charismatic, gregarious and powerful. On the other hand, Leos can also be patient, compassionate and sympathetic. They are emotional, loyal and affectionate. They make great friends and will fight for what they believe in.

The negative element of the Strength Card's association to Leo is the susceptibility towards destructive behavior. When this occurs, the primal instincts have taken over. There is a hunger for control and power. Leos can be obstinate and arrogant. There intolerance can lead to ruthless behaviors and an overall insensitivity for anyone that may get in their way. They can be predisposed to anger and can tend to have emotional outbursts or temper tantrums. In Tarot reading, Strength’s Leo can represent dominion at any cost.

In order for Strength’s Leo to remain in balance, he must learn to identify his primal urges and not be ruled by them.  Higher consciousness is Leo’s greatest ally. In Tarot reading, Strength’s Leo must constantly strive for its objective while, at the same time, remaining sensitive and diplomatic to others.

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