The Hierophant and Taurus

The Hierophant and Taurus
In Tarot astrology, the Hierophant Tarot card is associated to the astrological sign of Taurus.

The great gift of the Hierophant is his ability for inner hearing. His is the spiritual messenger and as a Taurus his true gift lies in his capacity for self-discipline. He represents the natural order of this world and often reminds one that laws and harmony go hand in hand. For one to achieve happiness there must be a balance between the world of order and one’s own value system. In Tarot readings, The Hierophant is represents stability. Like the Taurus, he is a reliable and steady. The rules that he represents keep the world in agreement. He is greatest contribution is his ability to be discriminatory.

The positive attributes of the Taurus Hierophant is his practicality and inner strength. His association to the earth gives him an intuitive understanding of human needs. The Hierophant is also a compassionate teacher. In Tarot readings, he can represent a wise advisor or spiritual guide. He can refer to the parts of humanity that seek to make changes for the betterment of mankind.

In general, the Taurus Hierophant is energetic and diligent. He can represent those who have tenacity and inner strength. He is a conformist and prefers to follow the rules. He is a natural speaker and has the ability to inspire others into action. In tarot readings, he often indicates the need for spiritual growth and can indicate important spiritual life lessons. He also represents the need to search for meaning in one’s life. He is the card of traditional values and social order.

The negative side the Taurus Hierophant is his vulnerability to rigidity and self-righteousness. As a Taurus, he can have a rebellious streak. Should something cross him, he has the capacity to destroy everything in his path. His dedication towards social order and social improvement can be deduced to a rage at social conditions and injustice. His world view can be stubborn, dogmatic and intolerant. In tarot readings, the negative elements of the Hierophant can refer to dishonesty, an over emphasis on conformity and fanaticism.

In order for the Taurus Hierophant to live in balance he must live by the principles of honesty, open-mindedness and self-discipline. To avoid his destructive vulnerabilities, the Hierophant must abide to his firm code of ethics and convictions. When this is achieved, the Taurus character can promote a better world for everyone.

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