The Hermit and Virgo

The Hermit and Virgo
In Tarot astrology, the Hermit Tarot Card is associated to the astrological sign of Virgo.

The Hermit is the wise sage in tarot readings. His mission is to light the path for those who seek spiritual enlightenment. He represents man’s search for self-knowledge and he feels a tremendous sense of responsibility. Like all Virgos, the Hermit Tarot Card is both analytical and careful in nature. His diligent and methodical nature enables him to remain true to his values. For the Hermit, self-knowledge is the key to his survival.

The Virgo Hermit is a rational thinker and he has a strong aptitude towards detail. He is dependable and feels responsible to those whom rely on him. He is a hard-working, attentive and can be quite industrious. Although the Virgo Hermit can be meticulous, he also has an active imagination. The Virgo Hermit, much like the High Priestess, has an uncanny ability to tap into his intuition. For the Virgo Hermit, intuition is his inner light constantly guiding him on his path. He is courageous and trusting. In Tarot reading, the Hermit is willing to have faith in times of uncertainty as long as it leads him to a deeper sense of self-understanding.

The Virgo Hermit’s greatest vulnerability lies in his tendency to be overly cautious and, occasionally, even distrusting of others. He can also become rigid and inflexible. When this occurs, the Virgo Hermit can choose ignorance over enlightenment. He can be ruled by fear and alienate himself from others. The Virgo Hermit can also be intolerant and judgmental. If he chooses to stay in ignorance, his obsessive thinking can eventually lead him to fanaticism and narrow-mindedness. In Tarot reading, a reversed Virgo Hermit can represent an individual who’s own fear has taken him off the path to self-discovery.

For the Virgo Hermit to remain in balance, he must be willing to be patient and learn to be accepting of others. The Virgo Hermit needs to be willing to walk through his fear and continue to seek his own path to enlightenment. More importantly, the Virgo Hermit must always strive to keep an open mind.

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