The Lovers and Gemini

The Lovers and Gemini
In Tarot astrology, the Lovers Tarot card is associated to the astrological sign of Gemini.

The Lovers Tarot card is one of the most powerful cards in the Tarot Deck. The Lovers tarot card often refers to the unconscious and conscious parts of our psyches. In this regard, the Lovers reflect two important elements to our own minds. The unconscious represents our hidden feelings, desires and motivations. The conscious represents the rational, reflective and objective processes. On another level, the Lovers Tarot card represents important crossroads and the need to make definitive decisions on one’s journey. In tarot readings, The Lovers represent one’s need to develop their own level of autonomy. This is the stage of development where one chooses to follow their personal path.

As a Gemini, The Lovers card reminds you to utilize your rational thinking skills. This is one of the strongest assets of those born under this birth sign. The Gemini mind is analytical, reflective and perceptive. The Gemini Lovers dwells within his own mind and has an unlimited supply of new ideas. He can be quite resourceful and is a powerful communicator. In Tarot readings, the Gemini Lovers often represents the need for self-awareness. The Gemini Lovers usually requires one to make conscious decisions about the direction of their lives.

The negative aspects of the Gemini Lovers are a predisposition to impulsivity and intolerance. In this regard, the Gemini Lovers can be reluctant to take action for fear of making mistakes or being ridiculed. They can be arrogant, foolish and refuse to take suggestions. In Tarot readings, the Gemini Lovers can indicate a refusal to grow up or become an adult. There may also be a reluctanct to make important decisions. There is also the issue of a lack of balance within one’s mind. This refers to one’s unconscious and conscious. When this fails to be balanced, the Gemini Lovers can make poor decisions based on primitive desires or, in the other extreme, make decisions that are incongruent with their true feelings.

The best approach for maintaining balance for the Gemini Lovers, is self-awareness. This includes maintaining equilibrium between the conscious and unconscious mind. There is also a need to strike a balance between the male and female aspects of one’s psyche. In this regard, there needs to be equilibrium between one’s feelings and one’s mind. Too much of either can cause internal conflict and an inability to perceive situations as they really are. In Tarot readings, the Gemini Lovers encourages one to find and inner harmony and balance based on truly understanding the inner workings or ones self.

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