The Emperor and Aries

The Emperor and Aries
In Tarot astrology, the Emperor Tarot card is associated to the astrological sign of Aries.

The Emperor Tarot card is a card of responsibility and authority. He represents actions and the utilization of one’s leadership abilities. He is logical, methodical and uses his intellect to navigate through the world. As an Aries, the Emperor has the ability to thoroughly examine situations from a very organized and rational perspective. He is dynamic in nature and has a keen aptitude for discriminating the truth from the false.

The most positive element to the Aries Emperor is his willingness to get into action. He is a natural born leader and is always willing to take responsibility for his actions. In Tarot readings, the Emperor often references one’s personal power. He is there to remind you that you have the power within you.  The Emperor also has the capacity to have strong emotions. He can be loyal and dedicated and never fails to rise to the challenges before him. When he appears in a Tarot reading, he can indicate the need to channel your emotions into positive action.

The negative side to the Emperor Tarot card is his vulnerability towards dominion and the misuse of his authority. As an Aries, the Emperor can become reckless and impulsive. They can be quick to start many projects but lack the focus to follow through.  Their emotions can be overbearing and they can have fits of emotional outbursts. In Tarot readings, the negative side to the Emperor can refer to an inability to take responsibility for one’s actions.  There may also be a refusal to grow up.

In order for the Aries Emperor to remain in balance, self-control and patience are needed.  Moderation and discipline enable the Emperor to maintain an emotional equilibrium. The Aries Emperor must learn how to control his emotions and moderate his own behaviors. In tarot readings, the Emperor can indicate the need to rely on one’s inner wisdom and rational voice. His appearance often urges one to step back and gain mastery over their emotions. His is a card of the mind, always encouraging us to master our own surroundings.

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