Storytelling and the Basics of aTarot Card Reading

Learning Tarot Card Reading Basics: Using the Cards For Storytelling

Reading Tarot cards enables the reader to give a specific meaning and make an accurate connection. Years ago traditional cultures read the oracle in much the same way as we do now, reading the cards involves sharing, talking and regarding. The reader needs to offer the client promise,discovery and show.

Reading Tarot cards enables us to develop the spoken word and make it more meaningful. A Tarot card reading can help clients to access tales that have lain deep in their sub-conscious, the stories may not have a normal formation but they can be representative of the inner mind. Classic words often heard when talking about Tarot cards include Queen, King, Mother, Empress or Knight, by using these words you can make much of a clients small story.

If you are story telling after a Tarot reading then these are points that can be worth remembering.

The card offers a long tale, how does that story fit in with the person sitting opposite?

Each card has a character, does the character in the card that has been picked seem befitting?

You have to look into the card using mind, body and spirit after which you have to apply the story that you have just read to the client sitting opposite.

In the card setting you will see some form of action and it is up to you to decide how and why would that form of action apply to the client.

View the cards as though they were pictures in frames, see if there is a connection between the cards. Do the cards have a link, does each one depict a scene?

The cards have elements, if you see a wand is your client on fire? do cups signify that the client is drowning? do the discs on the card mean that they are affixed to the ground? or are the swords making them float in the air?

Tarot card readings teach you a lot about the clients life. Think of the cards as being a record of life, what do the cards say about your client?

Everyone loves a good storyline. Fill the tale with joy, fear, laughter and sadness.

Add an element of suspense to the tale and let the storyline build, use one card to identify the climax of the tale.

Take the story to the dizzy heights, fill it with anticipation and suspense. Then bring the story to a gentle conclusion to make your client feel calm and collected.

Tarot readings should have a lesson or a moral behind them so what tale lies behind this Tarot reading? In essence this is always the whole point of the process.


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