The Star Tarot Card and The Goddess Within

The Star Tarot Card and The Goddess Within
The Star Tarot Card urges you to find the light of your inner goddess.

When it comes to tarot reading, the Star Tarot Card is by far one of the most positive in the tarot deck. The Star is the embodiment of hope, faith and the realization of dreams. Its image, the beautiful maiden lit by the stars of the night, reflects the power of inspiration, healing and truth. She urges us to have faith in ourselves and to become our own star. Her appearance in a tarot reading reminds us of the goddess within, the power of the feminine, and how it is a source of creation that can turn dreams into a reality.

It is not a coincidence that the Star Tarot Card follows the Tower Tarot Card. As the Tower strips us from our old ideas and leaves us overcoming major upheaval, the Star follows as a reminder of the purity of our soul and spirit. Even when our lives appear to be falling apart, deep inside us there is an inner power and essence that perseveres regardless of the circumstances or challenges that must be overcome. This is the goddess within, constantly lighting the path and offering guidance often at a time when things may appear to be falling apart.

It is from this source that we can find the power to manifest our intentions. Our goals can be attained through action, faith and trust in ourselves. The goddess within is the feminine life force that turns ideas into actuality. More importantly, she can heal the wounds that have prohibited self-growth, maturation and the achievement of our goals.

The Star Tarot Card's association to the element of water represents the realm of emotions, intuition and the unconscious. Water cleanses, heals, soothes and replenishes. Like a mirror, water is reflective. The Star’s association to water urges us to look within, discover our truths, and to find the power of our inner goddess.

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