Reviews of the Best Free Tarot Readings on the Internet

tarot-internetA guide to understanding Online Free Tarot Readings and how to get what you pay for.

As a professional Tarot reader and intuitive, I have given and received thousands of Free Tarot Readings. There is something to be said for the tarot’s unique ability to uncover and discover information about our current situations and the decisions we are faced with.
Although there are many different tarot decks, most have the same underlying themes and imagery. Fortunately, I also received my masters in psychology. Through these studies, I learned a great deal about universal symbolism and how the unconscious permeates our daily lives. Like many tarot card readers, I base my card readings on my intuitive interpretation of the tarot and I depend on my deeper understanding of the collective unconscious and how certain symbolic images reveal universal patterns and life experiences. Keep in mind that unconscious thoughts and imagery often reveals truths about our current life situations and a good tarot card reader will utilize there own interpretations of the tarot cards to relay specific meanings for the individual being read. In essence, they are messengers. The information is already there. It has always been there and a good online free tarot reading is one that has uncovered that information and passed it along.

Initially, I gave numerous free tarot readings to as many people as I could. I found this necessary in order to gain as much experience as I could. What I learned from these free Tarot readings, is that the tarot depicts more than just unconscious symbolism. They actually can reveal where a person is emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Most importantly, they can reveal the stages of life each person is journeying upon. This can be very helpful with free love tarot readings, particularly when a couple is struggling. Often, it is not as much as a couples incompatibility as it is the discrepancy between a couples ability to merge at two different life stages. Love tarot is a fascinating and invaluable tool to get information on, not just a couple or potential couple, but on an individual as well. It is my belief that most couples are mirrors to each other and no matter what comes up in a tarot card reading, it will always disclose information about each individual in the relationship. This is incredibly useful if there are certain blocks an individual is experiencing pertaining to his or her relationship. Although we all would like to know what’s going to happen or how do we make something happen, it is also important to learn what is preventing things from happening. Free Tarot readings can do just that. It is important to utilize the Tarot for exploring our past just as much as the present and future.

Now let’s consider the free tarot card reading that is conducted over the phone or internet. How do you determine if an online tarot reading or phone reading is legitimate? First and foremost, listen for clues. Is the tarot reader reading or writing out of a book? Does it sound flat? Does the tarot reader sound comfortable? Are his or her responses to you descriptive? It may be best to try a Free Tarot Card Reading at first. Try to get comfortable with the format of a card reading. Ask questions you are comfortable with. Also, beware that online free tarot readings often imply that the first few minutes are free. Keep an eye on the time. If you feel that the card reading is slightly off mark, hang up or disconnect and try another tarot reader.

You may also want to ask the tarot card reader a couple quick questions up front.

– What Tarot deck are you using and why?

-How long have you been doing Tarot card readings?

-How did you learn Tarot?

If you sense, in any way, that the reading is being conducted by an inexperienced reader with limited understanding of the cards, hang up or disconnect !

I have done my own homework in this area and I can recommend some free tarot card sites and some that are not free, but offer excellent tarot readings that I have used, and still do use.

Please feel free to let me know when you find a good one. I look forward to hearing your experiences. Good luck on the amazing tarot journey!!!!!!


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