Positive Thinking, Spontaneity and the Sun Tarot Card

Positive Thinking, Spontaneity and the Sun Tarot Card
The Sun Tarot Card reminds you to get playful and become inspired.

The Sun tarot card is one of the more positive cards in the tarot deck. Even in a reversed position it indicates happiness, fulfillment and success… just with some delays. Overall, it is a great card, particularly in love tarot readings and often refers to marriages, proposals and even the start of a new family. It can also indicate the completion of important projects or the achievement of one’s goals. However, there is more to the Sun card than just overall feelings of happiness and success. The Sun card has two very important implications. The first refers to a new level of psychological maturity while the second has to do with developing more spontaneity in your life.

Whenever I see the Sun tarot card appear in a tarot spread I know I am dealing with important issues of personal development and growth. The Sun represents wholeness on both an internal and external level. From a psychological perspective, this refers to coming to terms with unconscious feelings and motivations. There is a certain level of self-awareness and inner peace. I know whomever I am reading for has done some work on themselves whether it was conscious or not. They have developed a certain level of confidence in themselves.

Achievement and success often come from one’s ability to reconcile their negative thinking on an unconscious level. Simply stated, positive thoughts can create positive circumstances. The achievement of one’s goals often comes with the belief in one’s self, faith and diligence. The Sun is all about affirmative actions, ideas and thoughts! It serves as a reminder that we certainly can create abundance if we develop enough self-confidence to believe in ourselves.

Another important element to the Sun card is the concept of spontaneity. Sometimes in tarot readings the Sun can indicate the need to get more spontaneous and playful in your life. In this regard, the Sun card reminds you to get inspired, do the unexpected and listen to your creative side. If you have a new idea, thought or impression why not take a moment to see where it might lead you? Spontaneity is a force all unto its own. When we listen to it, we can find ourselves on new paths or personal journeys.

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