Past Life Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings Can Be a Great Tool For Discovering the Journey of a Past Life

It's only natural for people to want to make sense of what's going on in their lives and to get curious about the things that might happen in the future. Tarot decks have been used for hundreds of years for these very purposes. Each card represents an aspect of life, past, present or future, which can be employed in analyzing problems and other situations. Past life tarot reading is a powerful method of exploring why individuals behave as they do and what their prospects are if they continue their course.

For example, having an element of water in the illustrations could point to past lives tarot cards deem significant when drawn in foundation position. The meaning of these images will be discussed in greater depth throughout the rest of the article.

Temperance Tarot Card

This card means that the past life was characterized by prudence and modesty. Therefore, the current life is seen as a reward for all the good things previously done. On the other hand, it is also indicative of a propensity for excess, as in gluttony, alcoholism, obsessive behavior, or being a slave to passions.

There is a greater sense of urgency to do more perhaps because of the careful manner in which the past life was lived. Those who draw this card should try to rise above their tendency for overindulgence in love and everything else so as to add positive karma to that acquired from earlier existence.

The Star Tarot Card

In tarot readings past lives that contain the star point to an older incarnation who was considered as a great spirit and a fountain of knowledge. An impressive character was forged out of struggles and the way in which these were overcome. As a result, the current life is replete with wonderful insight.

The problem is that people of this mold are not necessarily going to get much material success due to the way society is set up. However, those who pursue their artistic bent will still find it personally rewarding to create pieces that reflect their innermost thoughts.

The Moon Tarot Card

This image usually points to a passionate yet tragic love in past life tarot reading. The object of affection may return these feelings but for one reason or another, there is no happy ending in sight. Fate will cause this encounter with the other person to happen again and again only to meet the same unfortunate end. No matter how successful in life, there will always be a vague feeling of a missing piece that can never be found.

It is possible to try to trace this soul mate through tarot reading though it should be noted that this does not automatically mean a suitable mate. A soul mate can be reincarnated as an individual who is much younger or older, an animal or a tree, or even someone of the same sex. This old lover is very hard to trace and people are often better off making the most of relationships with currently people who are suited for the kind of person they are right now.

Page, Knight, Queen or King of Cups

Court cards are powerful signs from past lives. These offer an incomparable glimpse into previous exploits. In turn, these offer clues as to current emotional behaviors. Old friends and foes can be seen and compared to the people around today.

These cards don't show a strict destiny condemned to be repeated but simply a glimpse from the past that may teach lessons which could be applied in the future.


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