The Power of Numbers in Tarot Readings

Understanding the Influence of Numbers in Tarot Readings

A lot of people these days are interested in learning how to read the Tarot and they want to know how to interpret it. However, they sometimes get overwhelmed and give up because they think it is going to be too hard to learn the various meanings of each card. What I want to do now is to provide you with a fast and simple method for learning how to read the Tarot by using keywords to help you put together the meaning of what you are seeing.

Every Tarot card has a number. If you have encountered Numerology, you will know that every number has a deeper meaning. Learning the meaning of the numbers in Tarot readings is an important step to learning how to read the Tarot. In Numerology, a number is derived by adding all the numbers together until only one digit is left. That is the digit that we will use for interpretation, except when it is a double number such as 11, 22, 33, etc. The double numbers are interpreted by analyzing the double form and then the numbers are added together to create one number with is analyzed by itself.

I will use a keyword to be associated with each number. Using one keyword will make it easier for you to understand Tarot readings and numbers. Word association will be used to remind you of the deeper meanings. This is easier and more effective than trying to memorize the meaning that is associated with each card. You will be able to use the cards to access your own intuition and words and you can use this to help you read the meaning of the cards correctly.

The Numbers:

1: Symbolizes a New Beginning
2: Expresses Balance
3: Signifies Expansion
4: Creates a Foundation
5: Represents Change
6: Signifies Responsibility
7: Depicts Organization/ Spirituality
8: Related to the Material
9: Expresses Endings

11: Symbolizes a Master of Manifestation
22: Represents a Master of Equality
33: Expresses a Master of Knowledge


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