Meditation With The Tarot

Tarot Meditation Is a Great Resource For Developing A Closer Relation With Your Tarot Cards

Tarot meditation is a perfect combination of inspiration and calm mindfulness. It is an easy method of meditation because it assists you in keeping away aimless and wandering thoughts, and your conscious is free to concentrate on whatever manner you like.

Getting started

To start with, it is better to use the major Arcana for your meditation. This is mainly because other tarot cards won't help you much unless you attain proficiency with both tarot and mediation and are ready to draw numerous tarot cards simultaneously and focus on those combinations.  

It is preferable to go for a particular meditation ritual or position depending upon whether you have meditated before or not. For example, some folks love to meditate in the conventional lotus positions, whereas other folks feel convenient in a chair with palms on their thighs. If you are a novice with meditation, it is better to sit in a comfortable position but not in a very comforting position which will make you fall asleep. Make sure you sit in a relatively straight posture because your energy and breathing will close off, if you hunch your body forward due to an imperfect posture.

Stay straight and feel relaxed, but not in a very comfortable position. While meditating, ensure that you do not feel thirsty or hungry; drink some extra water to play safe during meditation. A chair, the floor or a blanket is a good choice to sit on; try to make your designated meditation place a sacred place for tranquility.

Select a major Arcana card when you get ready for meditation. Choose a particular card that is suitable to your current life based on its significance and meanings. Select one card at a random from the tarot deck or pick the card after working through the whole Arcana.

The chosen card must be set down against something for propping it up or holding it briefly or laying it flat on the flooring. Watch the card and everything around which you have not seen earlier. Experience new things which you have not visualized before, no matter how long you have been engaged in tarot reading.

After getting aware about the card, think how you feel and realize about the card. Do you feel instant reactions to details you have observed? Do you feel unified and engrossed with the card? Do you think that the card and the feelings are relevant to you? What are your inferences and conclusions from the experience?

When you are about to finish with your meditation, breathe deeply and imagine that you are back in your own body, or close your eyes and them open them and take a look at the surrounding to return back to the material world. Perform any spiritual or religious ritual to ground yourself and thank tarot reading for the insight it offered.


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