Love Tarot and the Ten of Wands

Understanding the Ten of Wands in Love Tarot Readings

In love tarot readings, the Ten of Wands can indicate a relationship that may be causing you to feel overburdened, taxed or completely consumed. This is the time to take a step back and give yourself some much needed relief. You may need to put some more time into your own needs and to rely on the people closest to you to give you some added support. Added stress may be causing you to feel bogged down and exhausted.

If you have been consumed by your career, on the other hand, it may be your relationship that requires some attention. In love tarot readings, the Ten of Wands can appear when one partner has been dedicating all their time towards their career or job responsibilities. In this case, the added stress may be causing friction between two partners. It’s important not to let the intimacy in your relationship fall to the side. This may be the time to really evaluate whether one’s job is more important than the relationship. The Ten of Wands always indicates that one is being overburdened. If your relationship is important to you, you need to make sure that it is receiving the appropriate attention.

The Ten of Wands tarot card can also indicate a relationship that is currently undergoing conflict and miscommunication. Getting support to help you and your partner work through this difficult period could be quite helpful. However, the Ten of Wands usually indicates that this difficult time is coming to an end. All the work you have put into your relationship will soon pay off.  If you and your partner can manage to work through your current issues, a new level of intimacy and closeness will follow.

If you are single, you may feel as though you don’t have the energy to put yourself out there. You may feel discouraged and hopeless. Know that this is just a phase. Self-care is in order. Getting support will help ease your feelings of apathy or lack of interest. It’s important to recognize that life moves through different phases and cycles. In a love tarot reading, the Ten of Wands indicates that this may be the last phase of an important undertaking. This will begin to improve. Have some faith and know that love is out there.

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