Love Tarot and the Seven of Pentacles

Understanding the Seven of Pentacles in a Love Tarot Reading

In love tarot, the Seven of Pentacles indicates that your efforts are finally producing some results. Things may appear to be moving slowly, but you have made more ground than you are aware of. Your relationship may slowly be moving towards a deeper commitment. However, things may not be meeting up to all your expectations. This is the time to truly evaluate your romantic endeavors and determine if they are capable of meeting your emotional needs.

If you are single, you just may begin a new relationship that will blossom out of a friendship. If you recently have begun a new relationship, it has the potential to turn into something deeper or more serious. If you haven’t met anyone special, try not to become too discouraged. Your efforts will eventually pay off. You need to continue to put yourself out there and become willing to explore all your possibilities. This includes dating people that you may not necessarily think are the perfect fit for you. You could be pleasantly surprised.

If you have been in a relationship that has been struggling, it may suddenly take on new direction and things can dramatically improve.  More importantly, this may not the time to give up on your relationship. Your partner may require the freedom to come to terms with how much your relationship means to them. However, if you feel that is absolutely no future, you may want to look at whether you are willing to hang in there for the long run.

In love tarot readings, the Seven of Pentacles can indicate new directions or opportunities. If you feel you need to move on, than you may want to consider this. If there is no future for your relationship, cut your losses and start again. Your love endeavors will ultimately prove to be successful.

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