Love Tarot and the Reversed Wheel of Fortune

Understanding a Reversed Wheel Of Fortune in a Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to love tarot readings, a reversed Wheel of Fortune card can indicate that things simply just may not be going according to plan. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can really do but wait it out. You may be feeling discouraged or disappointed. The good news is that things can shift quite quickly. This would be the time to pay attention to what is occurring in your romantic relationship. There may be some important information or clues that you are failing to recognize.

In love tarot readings, the reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card can also indicate this would not be the time to take big risks. If your relationship is not moving forward as quickly as you would like, this would not be the time to push your love interest into something they are not ready to do. You may find that there are other circumstances such as job or family responsibilities that are going to require all of your attention. This could also be true for your romantic partner. The timing could be off or things just may not be in synch.

If you are currently in a relationship and you draw a reversed Wheel of Fortune card, outside influences may be adversely affecting your relationship. You need to make sure that you and your partner aren’t neglecting your relationship due to unrelated difficulties or challenges. This would be the time to support each other. It's important to become aware of what your partner is currently dealing with. This could help prevent future misunderstandings or resentments.

In some cases, the Reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card can indicate that it may be time to evaluate your relationship. Your relationship may have reached an important impasse or has come full circle. If you want to continue forward, you have to put a little effort in to help the relationship grow. Let go of your expectations of the relationship. It will take some pressure off you and your partner. You may also need to address old ideas or behaviors that are no longer serving the relationship.

Remember that whenever the reversed Wheel of Fortune card appears in tarot spreads, things will not remain constant. Inevitably, things will make a turn for the better.

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