Love Tarot and the Reversed Tower Card

Understanding the Reversed Tower Card in a Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to a love tarot reading, the reversed Tower tarot card often suggests that you may be unwilling to make the necessary changes to improve your love life. More importantly, a reluctance to deal with your current problems in a relationship or your life in general can lead to upheaval and feelings of chaos. It’s vital that you become willing to express your deepest feelings, particularly with a love interest or partner. You may feel anxious, nervous or generally upset and you need to be careful that you are not taking this out on your partner. Open communication and tolerance may be needed right now. The same can also be said for how you may be treating yourself. It’s important to be kind to yourself as during this period of turmoil.

Another important element to a reversed Tower Card in a love tarot reading is to remind yourself not to self-sabotage your love life out of feelings of desperation, boredom or insecurity. Your relationship may already be on unstable footing. Pushing your partner in negative or obtrusive ways can cause your relationship to take a turn for the worse. You need to put the focus back on yourself and concentrate on the areas in your own life that may need improvement. In some cases, a reversed Tower card can indicate that you have not dealt and processed your past relationships effectively. Consequently, they are finally coming to the surface and may be affecting your current relationship.

However, a reversed Tower card is not always a negative card, particularly when it comes to love tarot readings. In many cases, it can signify that you are finally ready to break free from a relationship that is no longer working for you. You may be beginning to understand who are you are and what matters most to you. Old behaviors and ideas may no longer be working for you and you are now willing to see things from a new perspective and explore love from an entirely new approach.

In a love tarot reading, a reversed Tower card can refer to a relationship that is truly falling apart. If this is the case, know that this is indeed for your highest good as well as your partner’s. Although painful, a separation may be necessary in order for you to grow. The best approach is to let go and trust this process.

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