Love Tarot and the Reversed Three of Swords

Understanding the Reversed Three of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to love tarot readings, the reversed three of swords often indicates that if you have been struggling from a broken heart or feelings of sadness in relation to your love relationship, chances are the worst is over. However, if you still find yourself struggling with a relationship in your past, you may have to come to come to terms with the fact that it is, indeed, over. Continuing to grieve could potentially affect your current love life and you simply may not feel ready to pursue any new romantic interests.

In some cases, a reversed Three of Swords tarot card can indicate that your search for love may be impacted by old feelings or wounds from your past. You may not feel very optimistic or hopeful. It’s important that you finally deal with your past and come to terms with the fact that grief and sadness is a part of life. In love tarot readings, a reversed Three of Swords can indicate that you are continuing to hold onto your past.
What is most important to keep in mind is that a reversed Three of Swords can refer to your own inner strength. In some love tarot readings, a reversed Three of Swords can remind you that you have the strength to go forward. This is a great opportunity to become aware of how much strength you really have. Use this to your advantage. When pursuing love, remind yourself about how you have the ability to withstand painful experiences. This can help you become open and receptive to new love experiences. There is no need to fear love. You are strong enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable to once again put yourself out there.
Finally, if you are currently in a relationship and draw a reversed Three of Swords in a love tarot reading, it can indicate passive aggressive behaviors or a lack of boundaries in your current relationship. You or your partner may need to find a softer and gentler way to communicate. Forcing you or your partner to behave in a certain way will not serve your relationship.


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