Love Tarot and the Reversed Three of Cups

Understanding the Reversed Three of Cups in a Love Tarot Reading
In a love tarot reading, the reversed Three of Cups often suggests, that your love life may be causing you a great deal of concern and strife. It’s important not to let your own emotions get the best of you. This would be the time to once again strike a balance between matters of the heart and mind. Your emotions can be causing you to over react or fail to see things clearly. You may be more reactionary than normal. This could cause you to overreact to situations that can be easily settled through communication and honesty. In love matters, it may be best to take a step back and gather yourself.
In some cases, a reversed Three of Cups tarot card can indicate that your initial excitement over a new love interest is shifting. The fantasy of a new relationship needs to be met with reality. In a love tarot reading, the initial stage of a relationship is now moving into a new direction, one that you may have not been expecting or were unaware of its challenges or issues. The celebration may be over.
In a love tarot reading, a reversed Three of Cups can indicate over-indulgence or too much emphasis on getting one’s pleasurable needs met. Your relationship may not be based on true love. Rather, the focus may be on satiating one’s needs or desires. One partner may feel apathetic towards the relationship or simply may lose interest.
In some cases, there could be infidelity or disloyalty. The appearance of a new love interest may cause you or your partner to shift your attentions to someone else. New problems could arise that may force your relationship to lose momentum. This relationship could be based on a weak foundation. You may have to look at your own expectations and evaluate if this relationship is something that is worth all your efforts.
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