Love Tarot and the Reversed Ten of Pentacles

Understanding the Reversed Ten of Pentacles In a Love Tarot Reading

When the reversed ten of Pentacles appears in a love tarot reading, it often refers to security issues. You need to be aware of your own level of dependency. You may feel overly dependent upon your partner which may be adding pressure to your relationship. This would be the time to once again put the focus back on yourself and begin to work on your own personal needs instead of depending on your partner to be the primary source of your emotional security.

On the other hand, the reversed Ten of Pentacles tarot card can indicate that you or your partner may be having some difficulty in allowing yourself to become vulnerable to becoming attached. Fear of intimacy or closeness can be putting up a wall and prohibiting your relationship from moving forward.

If you are overly concerned with your partner’s social status or material security, you could be missing out on experiencing the true qualities of love such as tolerance, patience and compassion. Financial security does not necessarily make a meaningful relationship. You may have to adjust your ideals or concepts about love and relationships.

In some cases, a reversed Ten of Pentacles can indicate issues within your family. In a love tarot reading, there could be family discord or conflicts. You and your partner may be struggling with your own ideas about family and parenthood. There may be an excessive amount of worry or concern about a family member or your romantic partner in general.

Be careful not to be too greedy with your emotions. You may need to work on be more giving in your relationship. You or your partner may feel as though you are be taken advantage of. Acts of kindness will go a long way. Be sure you let your partner or love interest know how you really feel about them.

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