Love Tarot and the Reversed Six of Pentacles

Understanding the Reversed Six of Pentacles in a Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to tarot reading, a reversed six of pentacles often pertains to issues with over spending or a lack of accountability with your finances.  In a love tarot reading, however, a reversed Six of Pentacles can indicate that someone may be taking advantage of your generosity or kindness. You need to be aware of potential love interests that are only looking to gratify their own needs. In some cases, you may simply be unable to distinguish your partner’s true intentions or motives.

Of course, the same can be true of you. You may be overly focused on trying to get your own needs met and are failing to make yourself available to a particular love interest. If you are only out to gratify your own desires, you need to make sure you are being completely honest.

In other cases, when a reversed Six of Pentacles appears in love tarot readings, it could indicate that your feelings are not being reciprocated. There could also be major conflicts of interests, particular when it comes to your own belief system or moral values. This could potentially lead to a relationship in which you and your partner are unable to meet each others expectations. If this is not addressed at some point, you may feel let down or unacknowledged. Your partner simply may be unable to live up to your standards or is simply too self-centered and self-motivated to offer you any genuine support.

Even when the reversed Six of Pentacles tarot card appears in a love tarot reading, there can be financial considerations. Perhaps there is a great deal of financial stress right now and it is taking its toll on your relationship. You or your partner could be struggling with meeting your financial obligations and are therefore unable to dedicate the time needed for your relationship. Feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence may be prohibiting you from giving your love life all the attention it may need. Your vulnerability and sensitivity may be affecting how you are relating to a potential love interest.

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