Love Tarot and the Reversed Page of Swords

Understanding the Reversed Page of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading

In a love tarot reading, a reversed Page of swords can indicate that some unexpected issues may arise that can affect your love life. If you and your love interest have been having issues regarding how you see things, there may be some miscommunication or misunderstandings. A new love interest may be unpredictable or lack follow through. You may feel as though your new relationship is unpredictable or lacks stability. In some cases, a love interest may prove to be dishonest or lack true integrity.

On another level, a reversed Page of Swords can indicate a person who can be somewhat self-righteous or rigid. In a love tarot reading, it can suggest that your love interest or romantic partner refuses to see things from your perspective. He or she may be consumed with proving their point of view and fail to acknowledge your experience of things. There is the potential for hurt feelings, particularly when the reversed Page refuses to give in. There may be a lack of sensitivity and willingness to find a common ground.

If you are in a relationship and draw the reversed Page of Swords in a love tarot reading you also need to be aware of your own level of defensiveness and inflexibility. Sometimes it’s better to be wrong than prove yourself right.  You may need to give a little in order to find harmony within your relationship.

Of course, when swords are drawn in a tarot reading there most always pertain to the intellect or mind. When it comes to love, you may need to tap back into your own emotions. Approaching your mate from an intellectual level may not always serve you. Sometimes it is wiser to come from the heart. Being vulnerable with your partner will help open the channels of communication. It will also enable them to become more vulnerable and let their guard down.

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